Historic Mac Site Archive

Here you will find archives/mirrors of websites that we consider extremely valuable to the Macintosh community.

The 6400 Zone! www.zone6400.com - Website dedicated to the Performa/Power Macintosh 6400 computers.

System 7 Today: www.system7today.com - Website dedicated to System 7 related information.

erik.co.uk - Personal website with a popular section for the Apple Network Server.

shiner.info - A now offline website with information and downloads about the Apple Network Servers.

Hollis Blanchard PenguinPPC - Web page by Hollis Blanchard about installing Linux on an Apple Network Server.

Apple.com ANS Product Page - Apple.com product page for Apple Network Server.

remember-eworld.de - A fantastic site that demos eWorld with Flash and HTML.

AVID Cinema Downloads & FAQ

This is part of the AvidCinema archive from Avid's website. This contains all the downlods and FAQs. An invaluable resource for anyone using Avid Cinema!

Downloads - All of the support downloads from Avid!

FAQs - Frequently asked questions for Avid Cinema

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