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What Will My Donation Be Used For?

All of our donation are used to purchase rare software for archiving, operational expenses (web connection and server costs), research, and testing. Your contribution is curtail to preserving the history of Macintosh and keeping the software safe in an archive for all to access.

Can I use this donation as a tax credit?

Your donation is not eligible for a tax credit as we are not a nonprofit entity. We felt that having too many people involved could potentially damage the integrity of the project, so we decided to form a standard business around our cause. By not becoming a nonprofit we are able to generate income without having to worry about complying with strict nonprofit laws. We believe that it is in the best interest of Computer Town and the public to operate this way. As we grow we intend to offer service to customers relating to older Macintosh products.

I don't have any money! Can I still help?

Of course! We always welcome assistance in building our collection. If you have some software, upload it to our Hotline server for evaluation. Maybe it is just what we are looking for!

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